#6 (final) China, February 10, 2002

Dear Everybody,

Well, the Cold got to me, along with the cough, etc., and I decided that I wasn’t having fun, and wasn’t making much progress on the cold. So on Saturday I decided to pack it in, and head for home. It’s now Sunday evening and I’m home, and feeling pretty rotten, but expecting hot lemonade and sleeping in the warm to make me better. That’s one freedom of being retired—if it’s no fun (for whatever reason) pack it in!

I did enjoy China, but as you can see, it was very energy consuming. My mistake was in going in such cold weather, but of course I knew that, too. I guess I never dreamed what it would REALLY be like living in that cold temp, mainly without heat.

Anyway, I look forward to going back and starting where I left off. But I shall go at a warmer time of the year. So stay tuned and you’ll probably get another set of bulk mailings, another time!

Carol, cough, cough

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2 Responses to #6 (final) China, February 10, 2002

  1. Enjoying your blog my son inlaw is a dr at santa clara kaiser DR Hamilton he likes it very much

    • carolkiecker says:

      Are you my cousin? Genevive Rimsted’s son? I used to work for Kaiser Permanente in CA and I was the Senior VP of the area that included Santa Clara. I’m retired now. Carol

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