#2 Italy, April 6, 1997

Dear Everybody,

After Claire left for home a few days later, Roberto, Marco and I visited Arezzo. I happened to be reading the book, “The English Patient” which mentions this church in Arezzo and shows the heroine being hauled up to the church ceiling in a bucket to view the murals by Piero della Francesca. We also visited the Duomo with its Piero della Francesca mural of Mary Magdalene, before eating lunch under the Giorgio Vasari-designed portales on the Grand Piazza.












On another day Roberto, Marco, Roberta, Mateo and I visited Cortona, a beautiful little medieval Tuscan city. We admired the Etruscan artifacts in the Museo dell’ Acadamia Etrusca from the 5th century BCE, as well as ‘The Annunciation’ by Fra Angelico in the Museo Diocesano Cortona. The weather was very fine as we ate some pizza sitting in a sidewalk café.









Today, Sunday, we all had dinner at Luigina’s and Giovanni’s at their home in Pieve a Socana. Again, it was a sumptuous banquet with crustini, tortellini in broth, ravioli, lasagna, rolled ground rabbit, chicken, potatoes, peas, salad, and a wonderful lemon torte that Bruna, Luigina’s mother-in-law had baked. What exquisite food!






Afterwards we waddled across the street to visit their church, which was constructed with reused stones in the 14th century. In back of the church, next to the chickens, was an Etruscan altar and some Roman ruins as well—probably the source of the church stones.


What history! And what beauty—Tuscany is so beautiful.


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