#4, India, Abu Dhabi, Oct. 14, 1997

Dear Everybody,

Well, here I am in Abu Dhabi. What a contrast to Bangalore—little traffic, all buildings are new and many storied (10-20); hotel very clean and neat; beautiful view of the Gulf from my window.

I negotiated a good rate for a suite for me (and hotel rooms for my team) so that we have a place to work, and a dining table to work around, and a living room for ‘talking.’ So I now am in room (suite) # 940. I am listening to the radio—terrible music—but I see one can play tapes in this machine, so I shall buy a couple. The weather is hot. The paper says highs are 95-97, lows of 77, but it is supposed to cool off any day.






My work is going very well. I have had meetings with several key players, including the doctor in charge, the ‘supply division’ people, who are responsible for the tender, and with the woman at the US Embassy, actually at the US Department of Commerce. This is going to be a really fun project. I had a good talk with my boss last night. We’re going to schedule a weekly talk time, so we’ll keep each other informed.

Here in Abu Dhabi the doctor in charge said that he didn’t see any reason why we couldn’t finish this whole project in 60 days instead of 90. I said that I would let him know as we got into it. I don’t think that’s a good idea for a couple of reasons, so I think I’ll stick to my original, or rather THEIR original timetable.

Anyway, it’s really an astounding city!


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