#1 Cornwall, May 16, 2003, England

Dear Everybody,

Again we seven traveling companions met to rent a house in Cornwall for two weeks. It was situated in the beautiful rolling countryside two miles from the village of North Tamerton and five miles from the town of Hollsworthy in Devon.





Our cottage was just across the Tamar River in Cornwall.






We did lots of cooking and spent many lovely times eating in the dining room.




We drove around the area, first to Bideford where we took an architectural tour around the town.



We finished with lunch in an Irish Pub.








Another day we visited Tintagel Castle, or what was left of it! It made a dramatic view along the coast.






The Old Post Office was marked as an historic site.





Lanhydrock House and Gardens made for a beautiful hike on one of our days when we were driving about. The flowers were gorgeous, probably because it does rain here quite often.










Remember Dauphe DuMaurier’s book, “Jamaica Inn?” I remember reading it when I was about 15 years old. Well, here is THE Jamaica Inn!






Another excursion produced the Minions Heritage Center which was a former tin mine engine house.








From here we could look across Bodmin Moor and see some sheep closeup.









We stopped for tea at a Cream Tea enterprise, which we liked very much.

Cornwall has its own supply of stone circles. Here is the Hurlers Stone Circle.

We took the train to St. Ives—did the nursery rhyme people do that?

This town is quite a resort town and even though it was a little chilly, there were people on the beach, although they were not swimming.















Near our cottage farms had cattle and sheep. We were really out in the rural area.



And, of course the beautiful English countryside is unmatched in the world, I think.




The town of



Clovelly offered beautiful scenes and tea, too! All of these towns are old, small and charming. Many are on the coast, which is really gorgeous, here, too. This led us to Hartland Point, a stunning lighthouse on the coast.

Lydford Gorge offered us the opportunity for a somewhat demanding hike.

We hiked to the White Lady Waterfall which was beautiful to see trailing down the hill—really a ‘ ‘white lady.’ Our morning ended with a picnic at Lydford Gorge.



Soon it was time to go home. Gisela and Wolfgang returned to Berlin; Jeanne, Bob, Judy and Jim flew to Minneapolis, and I flew to Italy.


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