#3, (final), Indonesia, Feb. 7, 1993

My flight back to Denpasar the next morning took six hops. My seatmate was Ingrid from Sweden whom I had met earlier. She gave me a Danielle Steele book to read that she said she thought would be rubbish, but it wasn’t. Actually, I thought it was but I enjoyed the rubbish, anyway.




The following day I flew to Jogjakarta. I checked into one hotel but decided to try another, which was much better, so I transferred to the Peti Mas. The next day I spent looking at the sights, kraton, the Old Palace, but it all was rather minimal. I went to Kota Gode, a silver village and bought some things.




After dinner I went to see two episodes of the Ramayana, a religious epic that is often performed.




They had gamelan music along with singing and dancing as part of the performance.








Prambanan is a set of beautifully carved stone temples about 17 km out of Jogjakarta, which I visited the next day. I took a tuk-tuk which was quite scary—too far and too fast a highway to safely ride in a tuk-tuk, but eventually I made it! The temples were lovely and well preserved. They are a mixture of Hindu and Buddhist.

Paul and I had made tentative plans to meet at the great Borobudur monument. We said that we would meet at 9:00 AM, but if either of us were not there, the other would just carry on. I took a city bus to get there and on the way a young man sitting next to me (whom I really didn’t like as he was fawning over me so) slit my canvas bag and stole some stuff. I didn’t realize it at the time, but when I got to Borobudur, I opened my bag and saw daylight! Actually he had gotten my (cheap) sunglasses and my airplane tickets. Just then, there was Paul!  He commiserated with me about my bag getting slit, and I bought another one from a nearby vendor.

We watched a movie about Borobudur first, which was very helpful. One walks up about seven levels of this monument, circumnavigating the monument at each level to ‘read’ the pictures.





These are all scenes from the Buddha’s life, which impart a principle.




The monument is beautiful, seen as a whole; yet each individual ‘picture’ is beautifully and intricately carved, as well.











We took a becak (pedicab) to see Candi Pauworc and Candi Munthut, two other religious temples.









Back in town, I went to Garuda Airlines to get a duplicate ticket but he sent me to the police station to make a report, which he would need to issue me the ticket. I got that all accomplished but I still needed to replace my ticket from Singapore to home; that I did later in Singapore. I had called a friend in Singapore while I was there and left a message that I would be back in a couple of weeks and would call then.


Paul and I had dinner at the Pesta Pracek restaurant. It rained pitchforks after we got there. They had a gamelan orchestra, too, which we enjoyed very much.

Paul and I went to Wonosobo on the Dieng Plateau the next day. Paul painted a watercolor of a mountainous scene; I took some photos.













We saw some thermal pools and visited 7th century Hindu temples, which were the oldest in this area. Paul discovered that he had inadvertently left his passport at Borobudur when he had changed some money. Since I had a flight reservation to fly to Jakarta and then to Batem Island the next day, he would have to deal with this on his own.

Saturday I took a ferry from Batten Island to Singapore. I had alerted my friend, Freddy,  that I was coming.  He and his fiance, Rachel, had responded that they would meet me. What I didn’t realize was that there was a one-hour time change. I said that I would leave on the 3:00 ferry—Rachel had suggested they meet me at 5:30 PM. I got there at 7:20 PM just as they were nearly ready to leave! I stayed at Freddy’s mother’s apartment.

Tackling the ticket replacement was on the agenda for the next morning after a breakfast of fish ball soup! The ticket agent was a very crabby lady and at first said she wouldn’t give me a replacement ticket; then she said she would do it at noon; then she said OK, she would do it in one hour. So I finally accepted that and Freddy, Rachel and I went to the Raffles Hotel and had coffee. It was great seeing them again, they were such a cute couple. I had met Freddie a few years earlier in Thailand. Since then he and Rachel had gotten engaged.







Later the three of us, plus friends, Nancy and John, along with Freddy’s mother went to the ferry and got a small boat to Malaysia, to a small island called Pilau Ubin. We had an exquisite lunch of prawns, baby Chinese broccoli, crab, fish, noodles, squid and beer. Additionally we had lychees for dessert, which they called run-a-pun. That was my first taste of lychees.

At the end of the day, I made a quick trip to the airport and then caught my flight home.
Given how this trip started, it turned out to be wonderful!


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