#3, (final) Morocco, Dec. 6, 1987

Dear Everybody,

I had a very nice drive to Marrakesh in my very clean car! After getting checked into my hotel, I walked to the Djemma del Fna, the main square of this city.

It has a long history of entertainers here and I saw acrobats, story-tellers, monkeys, fruit sellers, snake charmers and the iconic water sellers. What a lot to look at and experience!

Nowadays the water sellers mostly ‘sell’ themselves to be photographed. Still, it feels very historical and exotic! The young men here who wanted to be my guide were very aggressive and fairly nasty. When I would finally get angry and shout, “No!” they would respond with ‘Shit!” before they left me alone. I did encounter one middle-aged guide that seemed very professional and pleasant, whom I hired for the next day.

In the morning I met my guide, Sami, and we hired a horse carriage to go sight seeing.


visited Bahia Palace, the Saadian Tombs (1603), and Madrassa ben Yoseph.

Then we went to the souks, the tiny shops in the market. I bought a few souvenirs and then invited Sami to have lunch with me. He –

suggested the Hotel Tazi near the Djemma del Fna. What a good lunch! I had pigeon in pastilla—very sweet with cinnamon, sugar, nuts and saffron. He had lamb shish kabob, which I tasted—delicious! We also shared a Moroccan salad and some red wine.

Later in the day I went back to the Djemma del Fna and had tea in a second floor shop over looking the square—what a fascinating place!

The Ourika Valley was my destination the next day. What a beautiful green setting with the white-peaked Atlas Mountains in the background.

I drove to the Hotel Ourika for lunch and had a marvelous terrine of fish and poulet en citron (chicken in lemon), red wine and flan for dessert. I continued my drive to the Asni road and stopped for the night at the Hotel Rosario in Ourgane. More good food—harira (bean soup) and veal meatball tagine. The wind blew like crazy all night!

The next day I drove back to Marrakesh. The rural landscape was interesting and beautiful.

In Marrakesh I spent some more time at the Djemma del Fna. That evening I stopped in at the casino, but there was nobody there so it was not very interesting. I took a long drive around the Marrakesh city walls. On the way I saw the Menara Gardens where in times past a sultan would seduce his guests over dinner, and then drown them in the reflecting pools.

Casablanca was my destination the following and last Morocco day.

The drive was enjoyable as was the stop at an auberge for tea.

There were two camels ‘parked’ there, one of which was wearing a blanket very similar to the one that I had bought from the Tuaregs.  Apparently what I bought was a camel blanket!  Now if I just had a camel—-

When I arrived at the airport, I turned in my car and flew to Frankfurt, and then home.

Morocco really was an exotic place to visit—I wish I had had more time!


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