#3 (final) Singapore/India, May 5, 1991

Monday was my birthday! After spending the day at the hospital interviewing, I treated myself to a special dinner at the Mughal Sheraton Hotel. This hotel has won architectural awards for its modern, clean design. It also has some ‘tent-rooms’ with bath on the back of the property, which I stayed in two years ago when my flight was canceled.

Doug Klemp and I spent much of Tuesday cleaning out the storeroom. There had been many new items donated which were now in the storeroom, but the hospital had such a ponderous system for requesting and getting them to the patient areas that they mostly went unused. Doug and I got some help from hospital personnel and moved much of the materiel to where it can be readily used by the staff. Apparently the storeroom manager was ‘protecting’ the materiel as he knew it was very valuable.




That evening Sateesh Mangalick hosted a dinner with the medical staff in a hotel in my honor to discuss my findings.










One of my recommendations was that the medical staff should be much more involved in the strategic planning for the hospital.





However, their view was that they were ‘paid employees’ and were in danger of loosing their jobs if they gave opinions that were contrary to those of the Board Chairman or the administrator.




Therefore, they were quite shy about giving their opinions.



Still after Mr. Mangalick urged them, they did give some good input, which I was glad to see.

Thursday while I was chatting with Sateesh Mangalick and Dr. Bansal, who should turn up but Dr. Ajay Kumar from Delhi! We all were invited to A.C.Mangalick’s for lunch. Apparently Dr. Kumar was interested in my visit here, and wanted to come and meet these people, himself.

Later Paul and I had drinks and dinner together.  I had first met Paul, who worked at the Hotel Amar, on my previous visit in 1989.  We had done some sightseeing together and it was pleasant to be reacquainted again.

On my last day in Agra, Paul came to my hotel at 7:00 A.M. to see me off on the train to Delhi. The street scenes in Agra are certainly memorable, and as the train pulled out of town, I caught a glimpse of how many of the people in Agra have to live.  Certainly these difficult conditions for the poor motivated P. C. Mangalick to build this hospital and clinic. 

I did a little shopping in Delhi before going to the airport for my flight to Bangkok. When I arrived there, having to stay overnight, I found the airport hotel full, but I managed to get a room at the Rama Gardens Hotel, which was nearby. The next morning I had a surprise! I had put my warm clothes and sneakers in my tote bag (which I had checked on the flight) so they would be all ready to don for my trip home to Minnesota. Surprise! Apparently the baggage handlers coveted my shoes and had filched them from my (unlocked) bag! So I arrived home in sandals, which were just a little cool to be wearing this early in the year in Minneapolis!

So I’m back home and will be finishing up my report on the Shanti Managlick Hospital and Clinic which I will send to P. C. Mangalick, who is now back in Minneapolis.

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