#6 Greek Islands, Oct. 8, 2012

Dear Everybody,

I flew to Athens and met up with my friend, Sally, and her friend, Mary, who arrived at Athens airport from London. Sally has a holiday house (with five other partners) near Nafplio in Greece.





We sat on the balcony every morning with our coffee, enjoyed our visiting and the beautiful view, ate wonderful Greek food, and went swimming in the Mediterranean nearly every day.








We’d go into Nafplio for shopping, eating, and seeing, but since I had seen the museums and sights last time I was here two years ago, we mostly had an R and R kind of vacation.





We had beautiful venues for lunch or dinner, overlooking the Mediterranean. After I left to go back to Crete, Mary and Sally planned to see more of the sights.



After visiting the Nafplio Open Air Market one day, I did make a chicken dinner (they’ve got such a nice little kitchen I couldn’t resist) but unfortunately sat a little too long on the balcony drinking wine before the meal and scorched two pans! So it goes.

We visited an interesting site nearby called Epidavros. This was a 4th C. BCE Hospital complex that included medicine, sports therapy, drama, music, etc. There was a beautiful 14,000-person amphitheatre that had perfect acoustics. Sally said she has attended performances there when the performers used no microphones but could be heard perfectly all over the theatre.

Vickey’s restaurant just down the village street served outstanding food. Sally knows Vickey very well, and whispered in her ear just exactly which dishes we were yearning for, and Vickey obliged. Saturday night before I left on Monday morning we had a gourmet dinner of Spanakopita, Pastitsio, and a black walnut cake with ice cream for dessert. (The cake was gratis from Vickey!) After that, we didn’t even partake of the Lemoncello or Ouzo that we had at home in our freezer.

My last day, Sunday, we went swimming, then to Nafplio to a restaurant that serves something called “ Mother-in Law Salad,” which we split among the three of us, plus an order of Dolmades (stuffed grape leaves.) The salad is huge—I remember it from two years ago—we couldn’t finish it that time, either.

On Monday Sally drove me to the bus in Nafplio so I could get the bus to Corinth (as in First and Second Corinthians!) and then light rail to the airport. This time security confiscated my contact lens solution, which I’ve taken through a dozen airports in the last couple of years including two others in Greece (Heraklion and Santorini). The security lady pointed out that the bottle had to be no more than 100 ml and it was 118! So I indicated that I would like to take my nearly empty one, but that was a no-go too, as the Bottle was over 100 ml, even though there was just a tiny amount left. OK, so I had to hunt some up in the Heraklion airport when I got there. So it goes.

Sally and her partners rent their house—actually there are two houses and 12 partners. If you’re interested, check out their website at:

I rented a car which I picked up at the airport on Crete and set off from the city of Heraklion. I arrived at Panormo which looked inviting so I stayed.





I hunted up a hotel called The Captain’s House overlooking the Mediterranean. My room is an apartment with BR, Bath, LR and kitchen!

Stay tuned—-

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