#2 Portugal, Jan. 3, 1987



On New Year’s Day we visited a wonderful local convent, which was huge.




Later we had img879a long drive to Guimaris. On the way we stopped in Oporto, a fishing town img894with lots of img889atmosphere. We spent some time on img893the beach observing the fishing ‘goings-on.’













We’re enjoying a local wine here called Vinho Verde (Green Wine), which is slightly sparkling. We had cabrito img924(roast young goat) for dinner. Afterwards I had trouble sleeping because there were ants in my bed. I brushed them out a couple of times, but then gave up.







The next day we enjoyed looking at the img920palace and the castle before we drove over many mountains from Guimaris to img928Mantergas. The scenery was beautiful, and we saw many cork trees that had had their bark stripped off, which left them looking ‘bare naked.’  We finished off our day with a dinner of fish with sonhos for dessert. They are like big fritters covered with brown sugar syrup.







More driving the next day in high mountains, arriving at img918Estremoz, where we stayed in the beautiful pousada Reinha Isabella, which was in an old castle. We walked to the town square and visited a small art gallery. My dinner that night at the pousada was wild boar, img919which was pretty good although the meat is very dense.


The sky up here in these heights is so blue!  It makes a very dramatic picture when we see it behind a wonderful statue of the Virgin Mary.

We will continue on our way toward Lisbon tomorrow.

Stay tuned—

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