#3 (final) Portugal, January 7, 1987

img940A short drive today took us to Evora, where we stayed at img936the Pousada Dos Loios, which was a beautiful old convent.








We visited the Public Garden and Manueline img944Castle, the Church of San Francissco, the Regional Arts and Crafts Museum.














We had img941pork and clams (a regional dish) at the Jaio Restaurant.







In the Regional Museum we were very amused at a polytech from the Flemish School that pictured the Resurrection.  At the top of the picture were Jesus’ ankles and shoes ‘lifting off’ into heaven.

img931Right outside our pousada was an old Roman Temple—how surprising!  Those Romans were everywhere!  After dinner we had a Bailey’s Creme in front of the fireplace, which was lovely since the weather is a little nippy!  img953

The next day we drove to our last stop, which was Lisbon, the capital of Portugal.  We had no img954trouble finding our hotel, the Avenida Palace, which I, the driver, had been a little anxious img957about.  That afternoon we took a tour of the img963city and later shopped for a Madeira tablecloth.  These are lovely embroidered linen cloths that are made on the nearby island of Madeira.  img970







The next day Jeanne shopped for a set of Atlantis crystal, which she had shipped home.  It is really beautiful.  Some more shopping and some nice restaurants finished out the two days in Lisbon.












The following day we were already on our way home, having had a good ‘look’ at Portugal but wanting to explore it more thoroughly and slower another time!  Still it was a good Christmas present, and we very much enjoyed making Pat’s acquaintance—the travel agent had been right—we were sympatico!

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