#1 Germany, Mar. 23, 1987

How clever of me! I found a ‘special deal’ for tickets to Frankfurt, Germany with NW Airlines—two for the price of one! And if we went on different days, I could manage to get four for the price of two! So I bought tickets for Claire, Alan, his friend, Amy and myself. In the meantime Burt (my ex-husband) decided to come, too.

Amy, Burt and I flew on Friday and stayed overnight at Bad Neuheim, about 20 miles from Frankfurt. The weather was so dreadfully overcast that there were no photos possible although we did see the ‘salinas,’ which are huge hedges of a special bush on which salt water is sprayed. When you walk through these you inhale the salt-water mist, which is considered healthful. We also swam in the Bad, both indoors and outdoors, although it was pretty nippy.

img985The next morning we met Claire and Alan in Frankfurt and we all drove on to Achenfurt, stopping long enough to visit img988the castle, St. Peter and Alexander Church and Pompeyum. From there we drove on to Wurzburg and stayed overnight. Here we visited the Residency, Old Main Bridge, the Castle, the Marktplatz and Marienkurche. Our dinner was in the Burgherspital and included kraut, liver dumplings and brats—good Gernan food!img998

On to Ochenfurt where we saw the glockenspiel and the crooked spire at Kitzingen.

At Bamberg we visited the Dom with its four spires. There is still quite a bit of snow and the weather is still quite wintery. These towns have very beautiful buildings which are fun to img992img999see as we walk around.







Later that evening the others had a fine time in a German pub where they hoisted a few beers!









Today we drove to img003Bayreuth and also spent some time in a stube with some good German beer and wine.







These towns are wonderful and one img006can imagine how beautiful they would be in May when everything is green!







Stay tuned—-


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