#2 (final) Germany, Mar. 28, 1987

img007We really are enjoying the German food, along with the wine and beer. img008






We continued south through more romantic towns until we came to Munich.






The main square is lovely with its huge Dom,






and its New Town Hall with the Glockenspiel. We img023waited until the moment so we could see it in action.img024







We visited the Alte Pinakothek (Old Art Museum) with its older European masterpieces including Leonardo img050DaVinci’s ‘Virgin and Child.’ From there we pushed on the the Neue Pinakothek where we viewed a rich img038collection of 18th and 19th C. paintings. Some favorites were Van Gogh’s ‘Still Life: Vase With Twelve Sunflowers,’ Edvard Munch’s ‘Woman in Red img041Dress,’ and Walter Crane’s ‘The Steeds of Neptune,’ img044which I felt compelled to buy as a poster to give to Alan for his birthday.img026






The men especially enjoyed visiting the BMW headquarters with its small museum, and, of course, more wine and beer!







South of Munich we stopped for a tour of Mad Ludwig’s img060Castle, Neuschwanstein,











and caught a glimpse of Old Schwanstein Castle, too. (No shortage of castles hereabouts!)



The mountains all around were snow-covered img067img054and as we moved south into Garmisch we were img068really surrounded by them.





Still, we did see signs of spring—Hepatica, poking up its head with a few blooms.  Now it was time to head back up north, stopping on img074the way for another glimpse of those beautiful Romantic img077Road towns, ending before Frankfurt with a look at the Nutcracker!





We’re on our way home, now—a spectacular but very QUICK trip through some very beautiful areas of Germany!

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