#1 Austria/Hungary, May 4, 1987

My sister and brother-in-law, Jeanne and Bob, and Pat, a friend that I had been put in touch with when we went to Portugal the previous winter, flew to Frankfurt, with a plan to visit Austria and Hungary, and to meet up with Gisela and Wolfgang, our Berlin friends. We collected our rental car in Frankfurt and drove to Wurzburg. No room in the inn, here, img079so we drove on to a small wine town, Randersacker, which was just south of Wurzburg, where we checked into a hotel.img114

img081We drove back to Wurzburg where we visited the castle and ate in the castle restaurant; then visited the img083Residency garden with its flowering apple trees. Since this was May 1st, there was a festival in progress, in perfect weather!img084

















The next day we drove to Salzburg in Austria.









That night we attended a lovely img086img090concert by a quintet, who played Mozart (what else—this is Mozart’s home town) and ate chocolates and drank champagne during intermission.img094






A walking tour the next day brought us to Mozart’s house where he was img106born—what a thrill.










Below the Palace we could  see the chessboard in the Platz with people playing with oversized img104chess pieces! Then we took the little cog railway up, up to the Festunghaus, which is the Palace/Fortress of Salzburg; it provided a lovely view of Salzburg and made a nice coffee stop.

In the morning we had intended to drive out in the mountains, but unfortunately the weather was too foggy and rainy. So instead we shopped, walked around town to see the sights, rested and ate at the wonderful Eulenspiegel Restaurant, where I had asparagus (it’s the season) and strudel.

img110That evening Gisela and Wolfgang arrived from Berlin by car. It was great to see them again. Gisela had run into an acquaintance in the hotel—someone who was on the board of the art museum for which Gisela worked in Berlin—small world!

Tomorrow we’ll head for the lake country—stay tuned!


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