#3 (final) Austria, Hungary, May 17, 1987








Sunday we took a small tour to see the Vienna Boys Choir during mass at the Imperial Chapel.





We walked to Belevedere Schloss and saw some very nice Klimt pictures.img221  In the afternoon we enjoyed Vienna, just walking around, shopping and ‘being.’  img225










After breakfast on Monday, Gisela and Wolfie left for home.  Later that day, we four carried on to Hungary.  Before leaving in Vienna we saw the Roman Chapel in the underground next to St. Stephen’s Platz and then the house where Mozart lived when he wrote ‘Figaro.’

img227In the afternoon we caught the hydrofoil to Budapest, speeding down the Danube.



The view of the city (actually two cities—Buda and Pest) was lovely as we approached on the img229river. We stayed in downtown Pest.




We went to the Ungaria (New York Café) for dinner. They presented huge menus, which we studied for quite awhile, but as we began to order, it became clear that they didn’t have most of the dishes available. After getting img233about three “that’s not available today’s”, we asked what was available. “Goulash.!” Well, OK, so we all had Hungarian Goulash, which was fine. This is a Communist Country, after all, and they don’t have all the pleasures in life that we do in the West. While we ate there was music and dancing.

The next morning we did a walking tour of Buda. We visited the Castle, the beautiful St. img237img238Matthias’ Church, and then just walked on all the old streets to absorb the ambiance.







From there we hiked over to Pest—more ambiance—and saw the wonderful Concerthaus.



We continued this walk the following morning, visiting St. Stephen’s Cathedral, The Inna City img249Parish Church, where Lizst used to play the organ, The Konzert Hall, the 12th century img254crown, orb and other accoutrements in the Fine Arts Museum.


Dinner was at the Karpathia restaurant; I had pork with paprika and cream. Paprika is BIG here!




Back to Wien on the Orient Express train, which traversed pretty, flat agricultural land. img262On arriving at 1:30, we picked up our car again, and called Prague for hotel reservations. Unfortunately they were hard to find. So we decided to go back to the Wachau.


We drove on the ‘Hochstrasse’ (Highroad) through the Wienerwald and img264came to Weissenkirchen where







we stayed in a wonderful gasthaus. We had blutwurst for img267dinner (blood sausage) and walked along the Danube in the beautiful evening.











After breakfast we drove on to the Salzkammergut to stay at Hallstett. At first it was beautiful sunshine, but eventually it clouded over. We’ve had some rainy weather on this trip, but all this Green must be watered! Hallstett is the oldest settlement in Austria, going back to 2500 BCE. We visited the church and  img279 graveyard. Like many places in Europe their custom is to dig up the graves after ten years, label the skull and put them with the bones in the charnel house next to the church.img284

The last day of our trip we drove a long ways back to Wurzburg. My dinner at the Burgherspital was ox with horse radish sauce—um, good! Later we finished off with cheesecake and coffee at a konditori. In the morning we drove back to Frankfurt and caught our plane home, where we are now! A quick but delightful trip!


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