#1 Ecuador, June 11, 1986

img286As I made my plans to go to Ecuador, I happened to run into an old friend in a shopping mall. Over coffee, she told me that she had inherited some money recently and was hoping to travel, as a first img298timer. I suggested she go with me to Ecuador, and she agreed, although she had never traveled further than the next state!

We flew to Quito, Ecuador in early img293June. The first morning when we were having breakfast in our hotel, Jeanne had great img304difficulty choosing her breakfast, even though there were English descriptions of each dish. FINALLY we ordered and she enjoyed her first breakfast in a foreign land!

img295We set off sightseeing, walking around downtown Quito, enjoying the variety of local dress of the people that we encountered.  We peeked into churches, looked at the colonial buildings and absorbed the ambiance.img305


















In a few days we collected our rental VW bug and set out for Ambato, south of Quito.The countryside was beautifully green, scenic and varied.  Our little car performed just fine; img311 our two big suitcases fit in the backseat, not in the tiny luggage space up front.

img314 img312img316



















Ambato had a much more rural feel to the town, compared to the capital, Quito.  Many, img317if not most, of the people wore traditional clothing, which was very attractive.  img331

The people were very shy about having their pictures taken.  Still, img330img327img328img325img346after spending a few days in this interesting and pretty town, we came away with quite a few images of the local, wonderfully dressed people.  There was a huge hustle and bustle in the town, and the traffic was fierce, but somehow this just added to the vibrancy of the town.  img343img334



















The food was great, and by this time, Jeanne




was being a little more adventurous in her eating.  However, that did NOT include partaking of their local specialty, roasted guinea pig!

Tomorrow we shall move on to Cuenca—-

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