#3 (final) Italy, May 28, 1986

Driving through the Tuscan countryside was such a treat! It must be one of the most img668beautiful places in Europe. Our destination was San Gimignano, a tiny walled, medieval img677town with many high medieval towers. These towers were built as fortresses, but they also had a status function; that is, the family that built the tallest tower was the richest and most powerful. At one time there were 72 of these towers; presently only 14 remain. The img683whole town is a showplace of the past. Under some arches, we encountered an img675excellent flutist playing J. S. Bach.  The arches img687made wonderful accoustics.  The main activity for tourists is to walk all around town, seeing the towers from different angles and positions.

img698Moving on, we drove north

for a little seacoast time at a small town called Santa Margherita, which is near Genoa. We really were looking for Portofino, img703and Santa Margarita iimg702s right next to it. Yes, there was a beautiful view from our hotel room at night. And Portofino was postcard-pretty; we enjoyed our two days here.

img711On, north to Lake Como. Lake Como is set in a rather mountainous region, which makes for lovely scenery. We stopped at Menaggio, img716where we could look across the lake and see Bellagio. There were many resorts around but we didn’t tarry.




As we drove further north, we encountered snowcapped mountains and then pretty spring flowers.


Soon we were in Austria, again and then in Frankfurt, Germany, from which city we flew home, once again. What a wonderful trip!







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