#1 Cancun, Mexico, Nov. 15, 2013

DSC08337Hi everybody! I just spent a week in Sarasota, FL with friends, Nancy and Greg. They stayed with me in Partina, Italy on two occasions, and Nancy and I were colleagues in a Healthcare Administrators’ Women’s Group long time ago.

Sarasota was wonderful! I saw a drum circle on the Sarasota Beach (big with the finest, DSC08376DSC08371whitest sand), The Ringling Bros. Circus Museum, a new Salvador Dali Museum (some people started collecting him in the ‘20s and donated their huge collection along with a beautiful new museum) and the lovely Selby Gardens.

We went to Lake Myakka and visited the alligators (lots DSC08216of them!) on an airboat tour. In between we DSC08229hung out in Nancy and Greg’s huge beautiful house with a lanai and pool that overlooks a pond, attracting oodles of shore DSC08274birds. Greg is a really good cook so we ate fine, too! We went to a DSC08363wonderful little Mexican restaurant and were entertained by seven mariachis. One night Greg and Nancy entertained their neighbors for dinner, finishing by sharing Nancy’s ice cream birthday cake.





Yesterday I flew to Cancun, Mexico where I am now. I arrived in pouring rain, which slowed down the buses, but I finally got a bus into ‘el centro.’ The bus station was only a block from my hostel, the Mundo Hoven Cancun. The locals are saying that they never get rain like this during this time of year—-climate change, I’m afraid.

DSC08404Breakfast the next morning was on the roof garden.  The hostel patrons included a Dutch couple that were pretty near my age! The breakfast was rather nice with lots of fresh fruit and good coffee.

I took a city bus out on the Zona Hotelera (where the big resort hotels are located) and visited the Archeological Ruins of El Rey. Unfortunately they were pretty waterlogged, but fun to see. I took another bus to DSC08415see a museum that houses artifacts from this ruin, but alas—it had moved, and since I didn’t want to take yet another bus and backtrack my moves, I skipped it.

I shall look over the town of Cancun (I’m not much of a beachy person) and then start exploring Yucatan tomorrow. I haven’t seen the Mayan ruins here for 35 years, so that should be fun!

I’ll be two weeks in Yucatan and then three weeks in Cuba. The plan was for my daughter  and family to spend some days over Thanksgiving here, but that looks doubtful now as the boys have some swim team obligations. Then my other daughter and family were thinking to move here, but now it looks like that won’t be until December, so I’ll have to eat Turkey Mole on Thanksgiving Day all by myself!

I’m looking forward to ‘linner’ today with good Yucatecan food and maybe a Margarita! In the meantime, I’ll post this.

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