Mexico, Nov. 1983

My grown children, Cookie, Claire and Alan, and I flew to Mexico City, rented a car and headed south toward Acapulco. On the way we stopped off for lunch at Las Mañanitas, a img993wonderful boutique hotel and restaurant in a beautiful park setting, right in the middle img996of Cuernavaca.  As always, we admired the beautiful exotic birds that walked among the tables, as we ate our lunch.





Moving on, we reached Acapulco, that glorious resort city with its beautiful setting. We img007img931checked into Las Hadas Hotel for some serious resting and sun-bathing. After reconnoitering the local disco img933scene, the next evening Claire and Alan donned improvised Halloween costumes and using shoe polish for makeup, prepared to head to a happening disco. There was a long line of people waiting to get in, but because of their ingenuity in creating a dramatic appearance, they were beckoned to the head of the line and admitted.

img001The hotel came complete with beautiful grounds which we shared with exotic birds. Of course we visited the local beaches, too, basking in the warm sun that was very welcome after coming from the north winds of Minnesota.


img940After a few days, we continued northwest along the ocean to Playa Azul (‘Blue Beach’), a much smaller and quieter place. Here things were much more rustic along the beach img942img949anyway, although our hotel, a block from the beach, had a beautiful pool and grounds. We img955enjoyed having our drinks in a coconut, lazing on the beach and eating good img950img948seafood.

We almost had a disaster here, though, when Cookie and Alan went swimming. All through the trip in the car, they had gotten an ear worm with the Beverly Hillbillies’ song, that had many verses. They began to recall more and more verses and enjoy thinking about all the times during their childhood when they had watched that show. While swimming, Alan and Cookie were floating on their backs, singing this goofy song. Finally one of them realized that they had floated too far out, and they began swimming back to shore. While they were both fairly strong swimmers, the current was img946holding them back and they were not making much progress. They tried and tried to get toward shore.  Cookie especially was getting very tired and began fearing for their lives. At that point, Alan held her hand and tried to pull her with him. After swimming so hard against the current, eventually he, too, began to tire and was forced to let go of her hand to try to get himself closer to shore. Within just a few strokes, he was able to touch bottom, and told Cookie to swim with all her might to reach his outstretched hand. With great determination, she swam her hardest and was able to reach him. From there they managed to get themselves into shore. Claire and I knew nothing about this, as they were img945img964swimming further down the beach from where we were sunbathing. When they told us about their close call, we were horrified. Cookie said she was not going to go swimming again here, and went back to the hotel to change into her sundress. What a scare! Still we did enjoy Playa Azul and the beautiful sunsets.

img956We drove on to Patzcuaro, a town by a lake of that same name. In this lake is the island of Janitizio, where The Day Of The Dead (Nov. 2nd) is celebrated by people bringing food img965and drink to cemeteries for the ‘dead’ to consume; of course the families help them consume the food and drink, but it is in remembrance of their family members who have gone before them. We took a boat over to the island at night. Unfortunately it started to rain. Alan was especially chagrined as he was wearing a beautiful new leather jacket. Still img966walking among the many families at their grave sites and observing their rituals regarding this special day was worth it.

In Patzcuaro we visited a guitar shop to buy Cookie a new guitar, from this rather famous place for guitars.

Morelia was next as our destination. It is a img970img974large colonial city and has a beautiful cathedral on its main plaza. We visited a colonial orphanage that had wonderful murals showing events in Mexican history.img969

Claire and Alan managed to get bullfight tickets for the following afternoon.    After the bullfight and when Cookie and I were with them they encountered the matador who had fought the bulls and I photographed them together.



After a couple of days exploring Morelia, we moved on to San Miguel de Allende. This town was actually our main destination for the whole trip as Cookie was planning to attend

img992an art school in San Miguel. Claire had attended school in Mexico a few years earlier, so was fluent in Spanish.

This helped in finding Cookie an apartment to rent. We did find a img988img989wonderful tiny apartment with beautiful bougainvillea trees outside her door.











It had two rooms plus a bathroom, and various parts of the walls were decorated with miscellaneous ceramic tiles. This really gave the apartment a funky, artistic look!




After exploring San Miguel for a couple of days, we had a last dinner together before we left Cookie at her new apartment and drove back to Mexico City airport for the flight home. I thought the apartment that Cookie rented was so charming that often I fantasized living there away from the cares of the world when I felt overburdened!

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