#2 Benelux-Germany, May 25, 1982

Departing Luxembourg, we drove toward the Netherlands, planning to stop in Liege, Belgium, but Gisela, who was driving their car, felt that it was too challenging to drive in that city, and as we approached it, we stopped and she said she would like to turn around and circumvent this city. Gisela has not been driving very long as she had obtained her We Stayed Here-Hollandlicense rather recently. Living in Berlin they had not owned a car, but had bought this car a few months ago and had taken the necessary instruction to pass the license exam. Wolfie
did not have a license so the driving fell on Gisela.Holland

We turned aside from Liege, and entered the Netherlands, staying at several B&Bs. One had beautiful rugs on the tables, which seems to be a uniquely Dutch custom.

img267At this house our hostess served us tea and a beautiful torte. Spring flowers were blooming in their front yard.






We drove to the town of Otterlo to visit the Hoge Veluwe National Park, which has the wonderful Kroller-Muller Museum, one of the most outstanding. It was misting all day, which made Kruller-Muller  Museum (Otterlo)Kruller-Mullerthe park and the Museum seem ‘off the beaten track.’


Big windows in the museum showed the surrounding lovely park area and
became part of the museum.img291

Van GoghWe loved the extensive collection of Van Goghs as well as many other wonderful works by a variety of masters.img284



Next we drove up to Markenthe Markenwaard, which is part of the Sea. There were some lovely towns in this area, all built around water, canals, and boats.

Marken was our first stop with its pretty houses all along the water.

One poster in a window took a political stance, asking to stop the neutron bomb.img300

Volendamimg321Beautiful Volendam was nearby with its pretty green wooden houses. Here we saw some people wearing ‘old-fashioned’ clothing.







Continuing on north, We stayed overnight in the third town of Edam. Here the specialty was cheese and we saw lots of it.Edam



The B&B where we stayed was the only one where our hosts were not terrific. In this one we got a very skinny breakfast, which didn’t even include any Edam Cheese! We Stayed HereShe also complained when Gisela used her hairdryer. So it goes.

Here we visited the ‘Kloempenmaker’ who was hard at work making wooden shoes. Yes, they still use these in this watery country!








Here we also saw Bridge Upbridges going up to let the sailboats through.


Bergen Op Zoom was in an almost ‘moonscape’ area with sand dunes piled along the shore with some rough grass Bergan Op Zoomattempting to cover.

When we were eating lunch here, Burt ordered a beer. “One Beer!” boomed the hefty proprietess! The rest of us didn’t order beer, but one of us said, “I don’t think I want beer and the proprietess boomed out “Two Beers!” Several comments regarding beer were made and each time she heard the word, beer, she just kept adding to the beer order. We finally made it clear to her that Burt only wanted one beer, but it struck us all very funny!

img314Alas, our friends, Gisela and Wolfgang, now had to leave and return to Berlin, so we four carried on by ourselves. What a lovely time we had with them, and hope to see them again soon on another vacation.

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