#1 Benelux-Germany, May 20, 1982

Jeanne, Bob, Burt and I flew into Frankfurt to start our trip through a small part of Germany and on to the Low Countries. We rented a car and drove to Bingen, where we looked around a bit, animg208d then drove on to Trier. We stayed overnight in the Blesius-Garten Hotel, which was utterly quiet, comfortable and charming. Unfortunately the next day we all Scan 1admitted that we all slept very poorly. How frustrating! Jet lag, I guess.

In Trier we met Gisela and Wolfgang, our Berlin friends, and Wolfie’s cousin and his
wife who live here.  Trier is a very old city with With Gisela, Wolfie and Cousin at Trier, Germanysome ancient Roman sites and some medieval buildings.

We examined the Basilica of Constantine, which was built in 310 AD as Constantine’s Throne Hall.








The Porta Negra, a Roman gate built in the second century has been blackened over time, hence its name, the Black Gate. It was especially dramatic at night.Porta Nigra (Roman Gate)-200 AD





The Haupt Market’s pretty fountain dedicated to Peter and the Four Virtues is prettily lit with beautiful medieval Burt-Haupt Market at Nightbuildings all around it.




We had a lovely dinner catching up on all our ‘doings’ since we had last been together with Gisela and Wolfgang, and got acquainted Dining with Wolfie's Cousin and Spouse-Trierwith Wolfie’s cousin and his wife, who live in Trier, and had been our tour guides.



Soon we were on our way again, with our two cars, a bright green one belonging to Gisela
and Wolfgang and our Ferry-Sauer Riverlighter green rented car. To even things out, Bob rode with Gisela and Wolfgang. We drove along the River Sauer and took a ferry across to proceed to Luxembourg, the ‘lux’ in the shorthand word for the three Low Countries, called Benelux. We continued on to the beautiful town of Echternach.Burt, Gisela, Wolfie, Jeanne, Bob

Echternach goes back to Roman times, too, but not much remains of that era.Town Hall
Echternach ScriptoriumSt. Willibrord founded a church here in 698, which resulted in a thriving Castlemonastery with a will-known and influential ‘Scriptorium,’ which we visited.

Sauer RiverWe followed the Saur River through beautiful scenery until we came to Vianden, a pretty riverside town that had a huge castle.



The riverbanks here afforded a special adventure, which was riding the Telesiege up to the Buvette where we could see far and wide while we had Telesiege-Bob and Jeannesome refreshing beer and a nice chat.Buvette






Along the way we saw a Rodin Rodin Bust of Victor Hugosculpture of Victor Hugo, who lived n Vianden in 1871 for three months. The view from our small, narrow and high Grand Ruehotel was of the main street. That night there was some kind of a rukus with a drunk woman in our hotel.

We found that Luxembourg has lovely ancient towns which we enjoyed on our way to the Netherlands. We shall visit the capital, Luxembourg City on our way back.

Now we shall proceed to the Netherlands.

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