#1 Yucatan, Mexico Dec. 28, 1981

A trip for just the girls! My sister, Jeanne, and I decided to go to Yucatan, Mexico, which was quite a change for us since our two families (10 people) had driven on trips to Mexico many times for quite a few years.

We flew to Cancun and rented a car. In Mexico one doesn’t have a choice of cars, other than the price range. As they were bringing up the cars for various customers, we saw them bring a little VW bug—-just perfect, we thought.  Well, it was not to be—-our’s was a great big two-door (with gigantic, heavy doors) and our first excursion was to put it on the ferry to go to Isla Mujeras. We Our BIG Rental Carmanaged this successfully, but a VW bug certainly would have been easier!Ferry Boarding







Isla Mujeras, a small island about eight km from Cancun, was very pleasant—-beautiful seaimg521 views, good food, and even a small Mayan ruin to explore.Carol-Mayan Ruins







One day we walked to the tip of the island to see this ruin and also a scenic lighthouse Isla Mujeres Lighthousenearby. Of course we did a little beach time, but we’re not very beach-ey people—-our ancestral Norwegian skin is too light!







After a couple of days we reloaded our car back on the ferry and returned to Cancun.The Ferry to Isla Mujeres

When we were checking into our modest hotel, the desk clerk’s eyes got very big as he watched Jeanne sign her name on the registration. He said, “How can you write so fast?!”

El Rey Archeological

El Rey Archeological AreaZone is the name of the Mayan ruin in the town of Cancun. It was not very grand, but fun to climb around. We are planning to see many of the Yucatan Mayan ruins on this trip.

Moving on weCoba Archeological Site stopped off to see the ruins of Coba, a ruin that has not been img537fully excavated. In 1841 John Lloyd Stevens explored this ruin and his colleague, Mr. Catherwood, drew pictures using the ‘camera oscura.’ The drawings look very much like what we were looking at even today.  Jeanne climbed way up on one very tall pyramid, which I thought was kind of scary. She got down again, without incident, and we drove off Tulum Archeological Siteto Tulum, a popular ruin on the coast.

Tulum is beautifully located and we enjoyed climbing around on it and photographing it inimg542 its beautiful ocean setting. There were a surprising number of people there, which I suppose were vacationers from Cancun.


Xel-Ha was our next destination, on down the coast img556from Tulum. This is a beautiful lagoon area with lovely tropical fish that one can observe in Xel-Ha Lagoona glass-bottomed boat.Iguana





And on shore we also got close-up looks at iguanas.

We’ll be staying overnight here and tomorrow we’ll push on to Chichen Itza.

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