#1 Germany, May 5, 1981

Jeanne, Bob, Burt and I left for Germany on April, 30th, which was the day after my birthday. My kids surprised us at the airport by bringing a decorated carrot birthday cake to the gate! We all celebrated by eating cake, so we were high on sugar as we took off!

We landed in Frankfurt and drove our rented car to Hamburg, the start of our German
adventure. We arrived on May Day, and after getting settled in our Hotel Atlantic, started Town Hallout on some sightseeing. The Gothic Rathus (Town Hall) was spectacular. Other churches and landmarks were fun to see. Later we spent some time at the busy Hamburg harbor, the backbone of the city’s Harborwealth. And finally it was dinner time, although not much was open because of it being May Day. We finally found a cute little Portuguese
restaurant at the harbor, where we enjoyed our img722first dinner.

The next morning we were treated to an included buffet breakfast which had such an array of wonderful breads, cheeses and sausages, that I fear we waddled off to our sightseeing mission, afterwards! We saw many displays in store windows that
showed that Germans take their sausage seriously!img730.jpg

Later we stopped in a pub for a beer, even if I’m not too crazy about beer—-this is Germany, after all!

We had read about their ‘Reeperbahn,’ Hamburg’s Red Light District. We four conservativeimg738
Minnesotans got ourselves off to see a sex show! We sat right at the small stage and sipped on beers during the show. We got a kick out of the ushers—-women dressed in black skirts and white blouses, like how it would be at a symphony concert! The show was pretty explicit and probably not anything that I need to do again, very quickly, but we considered it part of our exposure to ‘things German.’

img756The next day we were on our way to Luneburg, with its beautiful Rathaus (Town Hall.)



The off- kilter St. Johanniskirche, while beautiful is off center by 2.2 meters!img741

Back out in the rural areas, while driving through rolling fields, we were presented with
lovely, flat, green scenery.





The area north of Luneburg is called the Luneburg Heath, an historic geological formation caused by overgrazing after the Neolithic period, on poor, sandy soils.  Most of it is in a Nature img760Reserve.

Our next destination was the smaller city of Celle. One special building was the Bomannimg761 Museum.









Another was the Schloss, built in 1292. It now houses administrative offices and the Palace Museum.img762

We are so enjoying Germany! Every town is a picture, with their old platz buildings and present day stores. Tomorrow we’ll continue toward Cologne.

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