#4 Italy, May 29, 2001

#4 Italy, May 29, 2001

Our last day together in Tuscany was spent going to Lucca. Lucca’s piazza is circular, and29-1 the old town is surrounded by 38-foot high 16th and 17th century walls. We looked at several of their lovely 11th and 12th century churches, 30-2with the classical Romanesque Cathedrale di San Martino being outstanding with many beautiful artworks. We had lunch on the piazza at an outdoor cafe. On the way back to our car we walked around the four-km path on top of the walls, guarded by 126 cannon.

Our dinner that night was a finale at Il Casentino restaurant. We all dressed up and 55ordered quite a banquet!





It was a lovely capstone to our times 55-1there.






In the morning we drove to the Rome airport where Susan and I dropped off Jean45 and Marilyn, who had a noon flight, and Ruth, who was hoping to change her ticket to this flight, also, as she had a scheduled flight on Tuesday. Susan and I returned to Partina and later that day Vince and Norma arrived to tell us about their many adventures. We had a lovely evening together. This morning we all drove to Rome and set off for home, where I am now! What a wonderful trip!



Trip to Tuscany.jpg

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