#4 (Final) Italy, Sept. 13, 2016

Dear Everybody,

Wednesday, we did some shopping at a couple of special stores for things (like olive oil and wine) to take home. Dinner that evening was a wonderful swordfish steak that Burt grilled. The fresh seafood that one can get here is amazing!

dsc07812dsc07831Thursday we went back to Arezzo to again see the dsc07855film presentation called “The Ages of Gold.” This was a study in Piero della Francesca’s jewelry items that were in his murals and paintings. The artist had constructed jewelry pieces that were on display, along with the film dsc07854presentation showing the relationships between the paintings and the pieces of jewelry. We had already seen this before we had seen any of the Piero paintings, but it was even more meaningful after we had seen them.

Guido Monaco-do re miWe made a quick walk around to see the statue of Guido Monaco (invented do re mi etc. in the 12th C), EtruscanEtrucan Chimera-copy Chimera (copy), and what’s left of the Roman Amphitheater.

Burt managed to buy another cookbook (Tuscan) to add to his 1200 at home.Roman Amphitheatre

That evening we had abbacchio (baby lamb with its kidney), beans and salad. For dessert we Baby Lamb, Beans, Saladhad Nocino, the walnut liquor that we bought at LaVerna, made by the monks. We managed to find another bottle in Arezzo to bring home.

Friday we made a walk around Partina, looking Partina Castle, Rear Viewat the castle and the old part of town;




then walking along the main street and over to the new memorial to the eight local partisans that Partina Main Streetwere shot by the Nazis toward the end of New Aprile 13th MemorialWorld War II.





People here are not expecting tourists, so we got many curious looks while we sauntered with our cameras.

Saturday was a ‘clean-up and organize’ day. We did look in on the 
antique sidewalk sale in Soci, and I will confess to buying six pretty
 martini glasses. Luckily we found some bubble wrap by the dumpster (I think somebody got a new mattress!) so we could wrap up our wine bottles and olive oil bottles, along with my new glasses to take home. We also brought over a few groceries to Roberta’s that were left over and said ‘arrivederci’ to the family.

Saturday night we again went to Soci to get a pizza, and found that our usual parking lot Soci 'Racetrack' for Kidshad been made into a ‘racetrack’ for kids on their motorscooters. They were just finishing up their week long ‘fest.’

Sunday morning we finished our ‘house closing’ duties, had a cappuccino and corneto in the local coffee bar and took off for Rome.
We had a dickens of a time getting to the Airport Hilton where we were going to stay overnight; we could see it, but couldn’t find the driveway! After driving around and around we finally managed. Turning in the car went more smoothly.

Then there was a big rigamarole for getting on the plane: A shuttle bus to Terminal Five; a line for checking in; a line for passport control; a line for checking bags; a line for security; a shuttle bus to go to the gate; another line for passport control (again); and another shuttle bus to get on the plane! The long (10-hour) direct flight home was fine, and Claire picked us up at the airport.

Burt and CarolThe whole trip was great! We had almost perfect weather; the food was wonderful, especially the many meals that Burt cooked; the wine was fine and we’re looking forward to going again next year!

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