#1 Oaxaca, Mexico, March 12, 2017

Dear Everybody,

Since Burt and I met one and a half years ago, we’ve managed to travel together quite a bit. We are now in Oaxaca, Mexico, renting a house for a couple of weeks. The house is on a tiny pedestrian street, accessed through the ‘Arcos,’ a four-hundred year old aqueduct.

On our first day a trip to the market yielded a bottle of mescal, the old workingman’s drink made from cactus, but today made into a specialty of Oaxaca, in fine looking bottles. So we tried it out on our patio, and yes, it had a worm, and yes, Burt ate it!

The first morning we went out for breakfast. Burt had negro mole over tortillas and onions; I had ‘divorced eggs’—-one with red sauce and one with green sauce.

Burt has been cooking up a storm; one day we had wonderful shrimp cocktails; another day he prepared a half of a pig’s head, which yielded four kinds of meat——snout, ear, tongue, and ‘other.’ We ate it with negro mole sauce, rice, and beans with cheese.

We’ve gone for some long walks—- a couple of times to the Juarez market which is down by the Zocalo, the park that is Oaxaca’s living room. Burt got a shoeshine while we stopped and had an ‘agua con gas’ under the portales.

The Juarez market is huge and we enjoy it a lot, but we also have a small market about two blocks from our house along with a
tortilleria for fresh tortillas——um, good. We did buy a half a chicken in the Juarez market, and examined other possibilities for later in the week, including all the chilies and the myriad of herbs needed to make our own moles.




On the way back we visited the most beautiful and ornate Church of Santo Domingo, admiring all the detail, done several hundred years ago.

We’re really having fun shopping, cooking and eating.

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One Response to #1 Oaxaca, Mexico, March 12, 2017

  1. Sandy (in Denton) says:

    So glad you are in Oaxaca . . . I love that place . . . have not been in about 10 yrs. It will be fun to read about your trip and to hear if it has changed. It is probably my fav place in Mexico.

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